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Welcome to the Sat4the free web-proxy! Using our browser, you can surf completely anonymous through the Internet! It does not matter whether you use a wireless connection or a mobile Edge or 4G connection! At sat4the you are always anonymous. Has your country blocked you from accessing certain websites, now you can access these easily. Just type the address in the search box on the right and click go. Free anonymous browsing.

How to use this server

Jun 28, 2012Posted by Sat4the Admin


This web based proxy server is designed for people to browse blocked or banned websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Bebo, MySpace Friendster and Piratebay etc without leaving a trace. Our server is optimized for web proxy cache in order to get the best speed for each visits, however due to the different area of the websites and visitors, if you feel the proxy is a bit slow for you, just choose another proxy listed at the left side of the page. Our web based proxy network includes several clustered servers located in both US and Euro.

A proxy that focuses on World Wide Web traffic is called a "web proxy". The most common use of a web proxy is to serve as a web cache. Most proxy programs provide a means to deny access to URLs specified in a blacklist, thus providing content filtering. This is often used in a corporate, educational or library environment, and anywhere else where content filtering is desired. Some web proxies reformat web pages for a specific purpose or audience, such as for cell phones and PDAs.

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